Audition Information for the Fall 2017 Orchestras

U of I Symphony Orchestra (UISO)
TR  1:00-3:50 PM

Philharmonia Orchestra
MW  4:00-5:50 PM

lllini Strings
M  7:00-9:20 PM


MUSIC MAJOR STRINGS: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Harp - click here.



    Non-Music Major Strings:

    1. Non-music major String auditions are for placement only. All string players are admitted to an orchestra. All you have to do is play three (3) minutes of your favorite piece of music.
    2. If you are interested in playing in the Philharmonia Orchestra, we ask that you to play five (5) minutes of music in two contrasting styles. If you are a non-music major string player wanting to audition for the Philharmonia Orchestra or Illini Strings and have NEVER played in a U of I Orchestra before, please sign-up for an audition time with your name and instrument.
    3. To sign-up for an audition time, please choose from one of the above options and sign-up for an audition time on Tuesday, August 29 or Wednesday, August 30. Please note the location of the audition site and warm-up room indicated on the sign-up sheet.  Sign-up here for Non-Music Major String Audition.
    4. Note: Orchestra placements are based on your audition and not on your availability based on your class schedule. If you are placed in an orchestra that does not fit your fall schedule, we ask that you try to revise your schedule to include the orchestra in which you were placed. Otherwise, we are happy to hold a spot for you for Spring semester in the orchestra for which you were placed based on your Fall audition.
    5. If you are a non-music major string player wanting to audition for our top orchestra (U of I Symphony Orchestra), then you must follow the instructions for the Music Major String audition
    6. If you are a returning string player whose major is other than music, and you want to return to the same orchestra you have performed in before, you do not have to re-audition.  However, please note that orchestra assignments are always made at the discretion of the directors. In the case of string players wanting to return to Philharmonia, please understand there is a chance you will be asked to re-audition. If you were in Illini Strings and would like to audition for a different orchestra, please prepare the audition requirements as stated above.
    7. For all String audition questions, please email Pierre Tang.
    8. Sign-up for a Non-Music Major String audition time.

    Non-Music Major Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion:

    If you are interested in playing in one of our orchestras, you must take the Unified Audition for Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion along with the music majors.  Unlike the strings, all woodwind, brass and percussion students (no matter their major) must audition each semester for our top two orchestras and all of our bands. You will find audition information––along with audition excerpts and sign-up sheets––in the above Unified Audition link.