Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education

The PhD in Music Education at Illinois emphasizes professional preparation for careers as music teacher educators, researchers, and leaders in the field.

Doctoral students enroll in courses that provide depth and breadth in research approaches, theoretical and scholarly analysis, and opportunities to conduct research studies under the guidance of faculty members in music education and across campus.

Financial assistance is available for qualified doctoral students in music education in the form of teaching assistantships and fellowships. Some assistantships and fellowships provide waivers of tuition and service fees, as well as a stipend.

To be considered for financial awards, complete the entire graduate application process. No additional application for assistantships or fellowships is required. Teaching assistantships will be awarded based on the needs of the division, the applicant’s letters of recommendation, prior teaching experience, and submission of the teaching video.

For information regarding the PhD in Music Education at Illinois, contact Dr. Bridget Sweet.

For additional information on the requirements of the Doctor of Philosophy in Music Education, please visit the Academic Catalog.