Bachelor of Arts | Musicology Option

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Musicology is designed for students who are broadly interested in the historical and cultural background of music.


gamelanIn consultation with a Bachelor of Arts adviser in the School of Music, students may structure an option that includes music courses as well as non-music courses that focus on subject matter of special interest to the student. Students pursuing this degree are NOT required to audition and take lessons on a primary instrument. However, students do have the option to audition to take lessons if they want to as part of any BA degree. 

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For more information about the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements, please visit the Academic Catalog.



1. Submit a Writing Sample: Submit a writing sample, preferably on the topic of music that best represents your writing ability. This writing sample should be no less than 3 pages in length (3-5 pages is typical). All writing samples should be uploaded to our dropbox (click link for deadlines).
2. Submit a Personal Statement: Submit a personal statement that tells our faculty about your musical and academic background, how you became interested in musicology and what you hope to learn, and your career goals. The personal statement should be 1-2 pages in length. The personal statement should be uploaded to our dropbox (click link for deadlines).
3. Interview: Only required for internal undergraduate transfer applicants