Bachelor of Arts | Music Technology Option

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with studies in Music Technology is designed to build a foundation of digital literacy in the musical arts and provide instruction relevant to contemporary career paths for today’s students.


CAMIL LabSome examples of career paths in Music Technology include music production, recording/live sound engineering, sound design, multimedia and game design, hardware/software design, film and media scoring, music business, and music education. Beyond the required Music Technology courses, students may select from a broad range of electives in order to tailor the degree to their specific interests. In addition, students pursuing the Music Technology option will develop proficiency in music theory and ear training through the core music curriculum. Outside of coursework, Music Technology students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience assisting with concert recording and production for the School of Music.

The goals of the Music Technology option include:

• To treat the study of technology and music as equal subject areas, adopting a broad, multi-disciplinary approach to the curriculum.
• To frame music technology within the larger contexts of historical trends, social transformation and ethical responsibility.
• To give students a technical understanding of computers and a familiarity with how computers mediate work in different disciplines across the arts and sciences.
• To transform students from consumers of digital media into informed producers of content.
• To provide an education relevant to contemporary career paths

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology take 34-46 hours of general education courses. The Music Technology option consists of 20 hours, including 9-10 hours from School of Music courses and 11-12 hours taken from outside the School of Music. 

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