Bachelor of Arts - Musicology Option

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with a concentration in Musicology is designed for students who are broadly interested in the historical and cultural background of music. 

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In consultation with a Bachelor of Arts adviser in the School of Music, students may structure an option that includes music courses as well as non-music courses that focus on subject matter of special interest to the student. Students pursuing this degree are NOT required to audition and take lessons on a primary instrument. However, students do have the option to audition to take lessons if they want to as part of any BA degree. 

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Bachelor of Arts in Music: Music Core Requirements 

Music Theory Core Hours
MUS 101, 102, 201 and 202 - Music Theory and Practice I, II, III, and IV 8
MUS 107, 108, 207 and 208 - Aural Skills I, II, III, and IV 7
Advanced music theory (chosen in consultation with an advisor) 3
Music History and Literature Core Hours
MUS 110 - Introd Art Mus: Intl Perspect 2
MUS 313 and 314 - The History of Music I and II 6
Advanced music history (chosen in consultation with an advisor) 3
Performance Studies Hours
MUS 172 and 173 - Group Instruction Piano for Music Majors I and II
    or MUS 454 - Advanced Keyboard Skills I (keyboard majors) 


 Option Core Requirements

Option Core   Hours 
Upper level music courses (300-400 level) 8-9
Professional courses (outside the School of Music) 11-12
Senior Project (optional, depending on Option) 2

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