Bachelor of Arts - Music+ Option

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Music+ concentration is designed to cater to students with interests beyond our traditional BA programs in Music Technology, Musicology, and Composition.  Applicants with interests beyond these fields are encouraged to create their own music curriculum with the Music+ option. 

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Music+ allows students to combine unique, interdisciplinary fields of study with our core Bachelor of Arts in Music curriculum requirements.

Possible options include:
• Music+ Business
• Music+ Psychology
• Music+ Kinesiology
• Music+ Media
• Music+ Communications
• Music+ Administrative Arts
• Music+ Recording Arts
• Music+ Popular Arts
• Music+ Electric Strings

Bachelor of Arts in Music Core Requirements:

Music Theory and Musicianship Hours
MUS 101, 102, 201, and 202 - Music Theory I-IV 8
MUS 107, 108, 207, 208 - Musicianship I-IV 7
Advanced music theory (400-level) 3
(Total) 18


Musicology Hours
MUS 110 – Introduction to Art Music I 2
MUS 313 and 314 - The History of Music I and II 6
Advanced music history (400-level) 3
(Total) 11
Performance Studies Hours
MUS 172 and 173 - Group Piano I and II 4
(Total) 4


Remaining Requirements Hours
Upper level music courses (300-400 level) 8-9
Courses outside the School of Music 11-12
Senior Project 1
(Total) 20-22

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