Experimental Music Studios

Pushing fifty, the Experimental Music Studios are the outgrowth of the daddy of them all, Lejaren Hiller’s first-of-its-kind studio set up in 1958 when the University of Illinois' site was ahead of all others in the western hemisphere. Hiller’s computer sound synthesis was augmented by his colleagues’ creations: Herbert Brün’s expanded gestural computer synthesis, Salvatore Martirano’s Sal-Mar Construction, and James Beauchamp’s Harmonic Tone Generator. Our composers today are not yet finished with experimental music. With lots of serious pro audio gear in ten individually designed, highly equipped, and specialized studios, composers here have generated, mixed, processed, and recorded sounds into compositions that have won awards from at least fourteen different venues. The EMS mission of education and creativity continues at the highest level, electronics harnessed to enhance musical imagination.


Professor Scott Wyatt is the Direcor of the Expermintal Music Studios. Professor Wyatt has served in this capacity for 37 years. More information may be found on the Experimental Music Studios website.

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